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US jury handed the verdict in favor of Apple where it was alleged that the iPhone maker infringed on several patents

Source: Adriana Tipton - Tech News Today

apple-warr-infringment-ip-1240-850US jury recently handed down its decision in Apple’s favor where the case against the iPhone manufacturer claimed that it infringed on five antipiracy patents possessed by Pendrell Corp. subsidiary.

Apple was indicted for breach of policy for illicitly applying DRM tools to its content distribution services that sells movies, music, and TV shows through its iTunes and iBooks. Though, Apple denied the claims and further made the dues about the invalidity of the Patents and finally won the recent trial conducted in Eastern District of Texas, US District Court. However, Apple failed to confirm the invalidity of patents-in-suit. Thus no damages were made to ContentGuard Holdings.

ContentGuard’s lawyer, Samuel Baxter stated that the conclusion and estimation options are disappointing for them. Though, Apple attorney did not comment on it.

According to Law360, ContentGuard suspected infringement of numerous anti-piracy patents and sued Apple for patent infringement in 2013 while Samsung, Amazon, Motorola, HTC, and Blackberry were also indicted for same kind of infringement. Also, Google along with its online movie, music, and eBook storefronts was also added into the same list in 2014. These patents were supposed to limit the content to accredited users only.

The recent hearing was followed by infringement case for same five patents where Google Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd were cleared by jury in a separate case in the same court. However, both Google and Samsung failed to prove the invalidity of these patents.

According to court papers, Xerox Corp and Microsoft Corp together signed a partnership in 2000 to initiate a digital rights management business, which later emerged as ContentGuard. It saw limited success during its accomplishments. Currently it is owned by Time Warner, and Kirkland, Pendrell Corp, which is a Washington-based widely traded patent management company. Pendrell Corp Subsidiaries contains about 1,200 patents worldwide. Apple’s potential is proved through its recent gain against the Pendrell Corp. subsidiary. However, ContentHead is likely to subject its patents under strict laws in future to avoid facing infringement. Also, it is expected to face future claims that its patents are invalid. Therefore, it will probably take a stance to enhance the legitimacy of its patents.

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