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Apple Buys Motion Capture Startup Technology Firm Faceshift, Maker of ‘Star

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This isn’t Apple’s first acquisition of a technology firm linked with facial recognition technology.

Apparently, TechCrunch and others did some sleuthing to confirm that several ex-Faceshift employees ended up at Apple and now work out of the company’s European offices, and that was enough to convince Apple to spill the beans.
Neither Cupertino nor Faceshift immediately responded to PCMag’s request for comment.
While Apple’s confirmation of its acquisition only came in the form of its solitary line that it trots out following an acquisition (“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time”), it’s interesting to speculate on where Apple will take this technology.
The firm is reputed for new technology used to develop animated avatars and software that capture the facial expressions of individuals in real time for movie and other entertainment purposes.
In gaming experiences, people can alter the faces expressions of avatars in the gaming experience, according to players’ actual immediate and realistic expressions. Apple has now confirmed that it has acquired Faceshift.
Though the new purchase is expected to bring benefit to the iPhone maker, it may also be noted that the company is not alone in the race of winning the VR market. It also allows the movie industry to create avatars that mimic actor’s facial expressions more closely.
Meanwhile, so far as Apple’s interest in acquiring Faceshift is concerned, the tech biggie has not made any official disclosure about how it plans to leverage Faceshift’s technology in its future products. And while it is not a thing which Faceshift seemed to give attention to in its life as a startup, there are often business programs using facial recognition for security or identification functions. Rather, it’s a killer tool for augmented reality applications, because nothing augments reality quite like turning yourself into Chewbacca. The tech has been used for theatrical projects, not the least of which is Star Wars, as well as games. Whereas most motion-capture uses markers on a person’s face to track facial movement, Faceshift is possible without markers, and without the heavy costs associated with motion-capture. Apple has progressed in these aspects thanks to its earlier acquisition of PrimeSense, Polar Rose and Metaio.

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