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Russian-developed plasma pulse EOR technology lands in Canada

Source: Oil Week -Carter Haydu

EOS Plasma technologyRussia may be a hotbed of research and development, but it has a poor record in getting its advanced oilpatch technologies to the commercial stage, according to Ken Stankievech, president and chief executive officer Novas Energy North America.

“There are so many great areas of science which have been developed in Russia, but the problem is [the Russians] have struggled in the commercialization of their world-class technologies,” Stankievech says, adding North America’s oilpatch by contrast is very well equipped to manufacture and roll out new technologies domestically and abroad.

Stankievech is helping to bring one such technology, which energizes gas into plasma to obtain sustained higher productivity for oil and gas producers, to the North American market.

In October, Propell Technologies Group, the U.S. provider of this Russian enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method, launched a joint venture between wholly owned subsidiary Novas Energy USA and Calgary-based Technovita to form Novas Energy North America.

The joint venture recently treated its first Canadian well with the proprietary plasma pulse technology—a Petromin production well in the Grand Rapids Formation near Cold Lake, Alta.

“We believe the technology has incredible potential, and we are now engaging Novas Energy in the treatment of additional Canadian assets,” says Ross Gorell, president and chief executive officer of Petromin. He adds that the excellent results of the new technology demonstrate both its economics and the professional services provided by Novas.

While still fairly new to Canada, crews have thus far treated about 60 U.S. wells with plasma pulse, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers recently published a study demonstrating how the technology improved productivity on a Middle Eastern Kuwait Oil Company well.

Novas Energy recently opened a service centre in Calgary and is working with an Edmonton-area partner to roll out a plasma pulse manufacturing facility in 2016.

According to Stankievech, the joint venture is also finalizing its Canadian patents, which will accompany those already held in the U.S. and internationally, bringing to the world this Russian-designed technology and harnessing the power of plasma creation to enhance oil recovery.

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