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Russia patents Ebola vaccines, has exclusive use rights

Source: Sputnik News

Russia Ebola vaccine patentRussia patented last week its vaccines against the Ebola virus and has exclusive use rights, Healthcare Minister Veronika Skvortsova said Monday.

GENEVA (Sputnik) — Russia held on Monday an official presentation of two Ebola vaccines, developed by experts from the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, at the UN Office in Geneva.

“We patented our vaccines on the territory of the Russian Federation last week. They have proven to be very effective, especially the Combi vaccine,” Skvortsova told reporters in Geneva.

“The developers have intellectual property rights…while Russia possesses the exclusive use rights,” Skvortsova added.

In January, Skvortsova said that two anti-Ebola vaccines had been developed in Russia and tested by specialists from both Russia’s Health Ministry and Defense Ministry, adding that the vaccines’ efficiency exceeded foreign analogues.

The most recent Ebola outbreak began in December 2013, spreading across Western Africa from Guinea to Liberia and Sierra Leone, killing over 11,000 people in these three countries. Several Ebola cases have been detected throughout the world.

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