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Facebook is a moneybag for game developers

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This week, high-tech media was abuzz with the news about Sony’s future release of PlayStation on Google and Apple platforms. But here’s something new: this time, Facebook has become a target for the gaming tech. Korean NHN Entertainment has filed a claim against the social network regarding the use of the patented NHN technology known in game-business as «Friend API» which allows games to collect battle results during group matches. After the processing, this data determines the gamer rating; it is taken into account when choosing the opponent and so on. In addition, if a famous player is playing for someone else, the data may help recognize the fraud.

This does not appear to be too big of a deal. It is merely one company blaming another one for copyright and patent infringement. However, there is something rather unusual about it: until now, none of the big Korean companies have ever been aggressive about their patent policy. Nor have they ever tried to obtain money on non-core activities. NHN is trying to do exactly that. For instance, they have established the subsidiary company «K-innovation» which is planning to monetize the IP-developer. According to data published in the press release, as many as 14 patents have already been given to the subsidiary enterprise. Is this a new troll? Experts have been saying for a while that there is only one troll in Korean high-tech – the government. This may be an exaggeration but there is some truth to it. Even Samsung prefers not to act directly.

It seems that NHN Entertainment really need the financial return and have therefore decided to turn their intellectual property into notes and coins.

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