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The inventor Nikolay Ivanov is displeased by the Russian patent court judgement. His dispute with Rospatent about the receipt of priority documents for the technical invention has started back in 2013. But Rospatent rejected the application, as it often happens, saying that the application does not have a required element of novelty and uniqueness. It means that the invention described by the expert has already been invented and described.

This was claimed not only by Rospatent experts but also by third-party representatives, engineers of Tatneft. So what is this application about and why is Mr. Ivanov fighting for his rights so intensively? Why after all the appellations (which, by the way, are not cheap) he went to the Court where he had to deal with the litigation for more than a year? The thing is: The inventor claims that he has made a discovery in the field of accounting and transfering of petroleum products.

This may sound difficult but let’s put it simple: he has invented all the gas stations, not only in Russia, but world-wide. To be precise, as it turned out, distribution devices of gas stations were using an unpatented method of giving the measured amounts of liquid petroleum products, i.e. gasoline. After receiving this patent, Mr. Ivanov could enter a global billionaire club and start drinking whiskey with Bill Gates and Abramovich. For there are a countless number of gas stations in the world.

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