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Comarco – Targus fight ended before beginning

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Another battle of giants will not take place because the parties had the courage to resolve their patent dispute not in court but together in peace. Now each of the companies is interested in the longest possible duration of the agreement which was reached with great difficulty. The developer of power supply units and other hardware peripherals – cords, ports, wireless chargers, – Comarco company is pleased that its inventions have come to fruition; after all, the main profile of the company is logistics operations. Furthermore, the agreement will help the company to fight two more formidable opponents, Apple and Best Bay, and now Comarco can feel hopeful for the future. Targus also was not a loser in this situation, because under the contact Targus would pay much smaller royalties than they expected. What is the reaction of Apple and Best Bay – it is not yet known, although they have already negotiated with the Targus making a pact against Comarco. But, apparently, they will be fighting alone.

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