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Russian Martian

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It seems that the long-lasting litigation in Khamovniki Court is finally getting to an end. A screenwriter, Michael Raskhodnikov, has been planning for a long time to gave into the production the story about a lonely astronaut who has been forgotten on Mars. In year 2011 with the help of Roskosmos the filming has started and, after a while, has been successfully completed. Well, almost completed. This year the movie about a Russian astronaut Chapaev should be released on the big screen. But it seems that there are other dimensions in our reality where anything can happen. At the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Hollywood lumps have decided to film a similar story. Especially after Raskhodnikov himself has send the script right into their hands. Hollywood producers started the production immediately and have filmed their own story. So, while Chapaev was fighting for his life on the set in Russia, USA has been busy with their project. Which was about an astronaut who also, being forgotten on Mars, had transmitted the SOS signal back on Earth and started waiting for help. Now American produces claim that they did not read the script by Raskhodnikov, and it is rather difficult to prove otherwise. The post might indeed have lost the package with the script or the package itself might be lost somewhere at the backstage of Hollywood. America is, in fact, a pretty big country.

But the representatives of the American side have nonetheless showed up at Court. And they have proven that they did not steal the script. It’s beyond any doubt. The have filmed their own unique movie and Raskhodnikov has nothing to do with it. Firstly, he has written a comedy, and secondly, there are a plethora of stories about the expeditions on Mars.

Even the Supreme Court of Russia agrees with the decision of the lower court about the rejection of the claim to the US side which was headed by no one else than the master of sci-fi Ridley Scott. It seems like the old man Scott is respected in Russia.

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