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Troll continues to hunt down fat “grouse”

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The troll, known for his attacking power players of the technology world, does not change his habits. SimpleAir, the legal company founded by Mr. John Payne, the former boss of, is gripping by the throat top manufacturers in the high-tech field. While being the boss of Stamps, Payne has gotten several patents in the field of mobile devices, and decided to use them to make a good living. For himself, needless to say. And his patents were so strong and good that technology giants eventually backed off in front of the energetic and nimble troll. Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung and Blackberry sequentially lost the fight against SimpleAir and eventually had to settle the lawsuits amicably. Even Disney, the company skilled in dealing with non-practising entities, was forced to sign a license agreement.

And now it is Google’s turn. John Payne and his colleagues state that the search titan has violated priority in the patented technology of information transmission by remote computers, both on-line and offline. According to estimates of specialists from SimpleAir, billions of messages every day go to more than 60 000 applications installed on computers and mobile devices.

Come on, Google could share with the poor troll from Texas and fork out, for starters, say, 85 million dollars, and then maybe more. But the dear land of Texas did not help Mr. Payne, or rather, did helped, but not quite. The court in the troll’s homeland ruled in his favor, but the Supreme Court of Appeal took a different solution – to abolish the verdict of the lower court and close the case in favor of Google. And now Google can safely continue to offer Google’s Cloud Message service to all its customers. It is worth noting that this is the second lost case in the Google vs SimpleAir conflict.

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