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Yandex has reached agreement with troll

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This week it came out that Yandex reached an agreement with a small but quite annoying troll from Texas. The name of this nimble troll sounds pretty friendly – Fellowship Filtering Technologies, but these guys are anything but your fellows. They sue giants, medium and even small businesses around the world: in China they filed a lawsuit against Alibaba, in America – Hewlett-Packard and Adobe, in Korea – Verizon and now they finally made it to Russia. Here the troll settled on Yandex, accusing the company of violating the patent number 5884282 issued by the US Patent Office. The abstract of this document describes a method for a robot-based adapting filtering, after which the search engine catalogizes data for storage. The invention is by no means fresh, and in light of recent US court decisions and after the precedent of Alice vs CLS Bank, software patents are not so profitable.

The author of this innovation is Gary Robinson, although the package of claim documents was prepared by Mrs. Elizabeth L. DeRieux, and she is the main driving force of this law company. And although in public documents Fellowship Filtering Technologies calls itself the software developer, de facto the whole company is basically a room in a small Texas town: four tables, some poring clerks, all this under control of Mrs DeRieux. The lawyer with Belgian roots for a long time enjoyed the favor of Texas courts, but now times have changed and the troll has become easily satisfied – usually peaceful agreements provide a small payment of not more than 100 000 dollars. And so now the troll is singing another song and keeping sights low, because this money is only enough for office services and legal costs.

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