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Google and Microsoft are at finally peace

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A couple of days ago it was reported to the public that the two tech giants agreed to settle all the disputes and become friends. Still not partners but one never knows what to expect in the future. And there is so much to look at in their past. Eighteen complex litigations in the US and Europe, which could easily destroy both opponents, because some of the cases had such counterclaims that they could lead to the correction of the law of entire countries in favor of one or the other party. Most of the litigations concerned patent violations but one aspect is very interesting. Google and Microsoft were trying to find support in government commissions and committees and even President Obama. Now let us go back another five or even more years ago when Hillary Clinton has met Barak Obama in presidential race. We all know who had won it and not without a little help from his election campaign donors among which the first two places were taking by Google and Microsoft. De jure, both tech giants had no right to openly give money to the next President but for some mysterious reasons all employees of the world’s largest search engine and of the manufacturer of the most popular operating system have sent their donations to Obama.

And after a while both corporations started to put pressure on the government searching for the support. They seemed to say “we have helped your President, now it is time to help us”. However, since trying to help both enemies is pointless, some historical changes are happening on an unofficial level. The government has decided to reconcile competitors and, apparently, there were some reasons to make it happen. Looking back at the patent wars about some certain software solutions on the Android platform and patents on Wi-Fi video, in which even Motorola that was bought by Google was involved. It has sued Microsoft in German Court with the case about Xbox entertainment system. Then the guys from Washington have filed a lawsuit about a patent violation for a smartphone. It seemed that battles like those would continue from continent to continent until the complete exhaustion of both opponents when suddenly…

Both companies deny any actions of intermediaries, especially from the government, and especially the presidential administration, but some inside leaks show otherwise. So, the mysterious guardian angels have suddenly appeared and saved both companies from complete catastrophe. And that makes one suggest that they share a common angel and it was he who calmed down the fighters. Well, it comes with the job!

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