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Confirm the patent – inventors and authors of original ideas may lose their intellectual property rights?

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Sevastopol-panorama-russia-ip-patents-1882-850Sebastopol /News, March 28, 2016/. A couple of months to confirm the uniqueness of an idea, an invention or a trademark. ROSPATENT obligates entrepreneurs and patent holders to re-register their intellectual property rights which were given at the time when the Crimea was a part of Ukraine. The deadline is the 1st of July, 2016. Until today, all the documents issued in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation at the time of the adoption of the Crimea and Sebastopol as a part the Russian Federation were accepted as valid.
In particular, ROSPATENT allows the recognition of the rights to all registered inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, service marks and appellations of origin of goods. The department promises that, if the object has not been registered on time in Ukraine, the priority established by the date of filing the application in Ukraine will persist during the transfer of the application for registration in Russia.
Recognition of the intellectual property rights is based on the application filed by the owner of the rights, whether a physical or legal entity, to ROSPATENT. The following documents are also needed to be filed along with the application:
a) for the inventions – description of the invention, abstract and claims as well as drawings (if any) required to understand the invention;
b) for utility models – description of the utility model and claims as well as drawings (if any) required to understand the utility model;
c) for industrial designs – description of the industrial design and the set of drawings;
d) for trademarks – the image of the trademark (8×8 cm, in a resolution that allows it to be reproduced by means of copying machines, and in a color or combination of colors, in which the recognition of the exclusive right is claimed), the description of the trademark where the color (color combination) of the trademark and its unprotected elements (if any) are additionally indicated, as well as the list of goods/services;
e) for appellations of origin of goods – the name of the goods, the description of its exceptional properties and the indication of its appellation of origin.
However, it might happen that such objects, ideas or trademarks have already been registered in Russia. In this case, intellectual property rights would be the subject of litigation.

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