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Sony finally decides to develop PlayStation for Android and iOS

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The Japanese titan, Sony, announced plans to make games for Google and Apple platforms. What could that mean? Does it mean that Sony gave up on unique game consoles? Or did they just raise the white flag? Not likely, PlayStation has such an excellent reputation that any surrender is out of the question.

What makes Sony tick? Very likely, the driving stimulus is money. Distribution of Japanese games would increase dramatically once Sony brings them to hundreds of millions of new gadgets. And what about the two big American brothers? They would also earn their profit: the benefits of increased traffic, new customers from different age ranges etc. Everyone wins. Realizing that, the Japanese corporation’s top management decided to spare no efforts to implement these plans.

A new special department, ForwardWorks, was created to take care of new development tasks. ForwardWorks will not only adapt existing games for the new platforms, but will also create unique versions for each platform individually. The first steps to reach the new formats are planned for Japan and then on the pan-Asian market, according to Sony’s press release. The press release also implies the presence of a triple license agreement for the use of intellectual property belonging to partners. Details of the agreement were not disclosed.

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