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Russia is going to produce “Nash Meldonii”

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Patriotic businessman in Russian Federation is going to put a new energy drink with the name “Nash Meldonii” (which means “Our Meldonium”) on the market. Entrepreneur is planning to use the recent Meldonium scandal related to the number of Russian sportsmen for his own interest. The mentioned substance is considered an illegal stimulant for the professional sportsmen. Since more and more people are interested in this topic, the salesman has decided to register the trademark so no one else could use it in the future. As economists say, using the name of this scandalous stimulant might give a chance for the initiators to make some good money. Nonetheless, this will be only a short-term profit.

Apart from the drink, the company is going to produce energy bars. Russian patent department has already received the corresponding application for registration of the brand. It was filed by Viktor Rekunov. He has told through the lawyers that now the process is at the stage of package design and the production will start immediatelyafter obtaining the patent. According to his words, these drinks and bars will contain a small amount of the banned stimulant.

Mr. Rekunov has mentioned that this medication has a good effect on the heart and this gave him an idea of creating the energy drink containing it. “Russian people who lead an active life will definitely like this new product”, says the entrepreneur.

One of the experts, the head of the patent organization, Anatoliy Aronov says that after Meldonium has started to be popular in media, we knew right away that someone would try to make a fortune on this fact. Mr. Rekunov did an absolutely right thing by registering the name before anyone else from his competitors, says Aronov.

The reaction of foreign sportsmen on this information was pretty much predictable – they have flatly refused such a drink.

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