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When Hyperloop has published in press that they are going to work on a very futuristic project, specialists were not too surprised. Everyone was expecting US to make a breakthrough in high-speed train technologies and it finally has happened. Their first route was not a surprise either: from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The speed records of rail transport in France (TVA) and Japan (Shinkansen), following by Spain, Korea and Italy are well known. After them went Russia and China, and, after a while, Ukraine has also joined the race with their “Tarpans”. USA has overslept all the fuss, but finally has awaken and joined the game.

It has been woken up by no other than Elon Musk who is world-famous for his private space ships launches. Now he has thrilled America with a new idea. Which does not only look realistic but has already started to be a part of the reality. However, there is one small difficulty that they have not taken into account while making plans. Namely – intellectual property. Thousands of science labs and universities countrywide were inspired by this new national idea and have started to produce a huge amount of scientific developments for Hyperloop. They needed a professional to take care of this hodgepodge of patents and researches. And it has finally been found. After an official competition, the company, which is going to deal with this patent mess, was chosen. This is Lecorpio Intellectual Property Management which is famous exactly for their ability to make patents and licences out of the ideas, and not just quick but unbelievably quick. Sometimes they are even called “Furious” for their efficiency in pushing the applications through the bureaucratic barriers.

Now we can only wait and watch how the idea of super-trains launched from special tubes turns into reality, since their projects will be prepared at the very high-speed.

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