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The Dog in the Manger got kinder

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Company Yahoo! that owns more than 6000 patents has never shared its developments with anyone. But the bad time has come for the former search engine giant. A first sign of this was the news from the company administration that they are going to sell their active assets in February. And not only the core ones. Experts say that the monetization of real estates and non-core patents could give the search engine 1-3 billiards of dollars. But it seems that Yahoo is not doing great and even the core assets might be auctioned off. Company itself is not trying to hide this fact. As it always happens, everyone interested has immediately shown up at this market. Japanese part of their property, especially the patents, may go to Verizion but is costs an arm and a leg – up to half billion of dollars. Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon and LinkedIn are interested in the American part of assets. Even some pure trolls like Rambus and Acacia are trying to put their hands on it. Experts say that there is enough for everyone. The search engine even sells their most important core technologies, which is unusual and might result in a takeover of the company. But will it all be bought by a single purchaser or will they have to sell it out by pieces? No one knows. Yahoo politics of not sharing their developments and not selling the licenses for their technologies shows that the behavior of the dog in the manger is not always the best one. Especially, taking into account the fact that more than a half of the former hi-tech giant’s patents has never been implemented and could be sold without any harm. But the times of great need have come and now they have to sell even the root algorithms and the codes. It seems that the patent portfolio will bring them no less than 4 billions of dollars but it won’t help anymore.

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