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New Apple’s patent – keypad without keys

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A new Apple’s patent released this week lifts the veil on the next technological step that is going to surprise the world. At least, the part of advanced technology fans that, transfixed, are waiting for the next sensation from the Californian giant. And it is not for nothing. The new patent states that the next Mac generation will be equipped with a touch-sensitive and force-sensitive keyboard that will be devoid of keys. In addition, the new keyboard will be adjustable, i.e. a user can easily set a symbolic function for any part of the keyboard. It will be possible even to reconfigure the entire surface of the keypad to form several small or one large touch pad and use it for games or presentations.

The developers modestly called the invention “a computer for travelers,” implying that now a foldable laptop is not required to have any holes for physical keys. It is true, there will not be any slots and holes in the laptop body. There are rumors that you can not only spill coffee on such a computer, as some preoccupied programmer may do, but also you can take a laptop with you in the shower or bath. It is not clear why this is necessary, but loyal Apple fans are rubbing their hands and planning to have a wash or a dip in the sea wave first thing after the purchase.

Indeed, the new technology promises to be a breakthrough and bring personal electronic gadgets to a new level of computer arms race.

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