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Microsoft – new ideas for a flagship smartphone

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Bill Gate’s ideas never seem outstanding at a glance. If Apple makes a sensation every time, Microsoft is quieter, more peaceful and does not seem original at the first gaze. Modest and not too ambitious name of US patent US 9247495 B2 “Power saving Wi-Fi tethering” may not sound very promising. Moreover, inventors from Washington state already had similar developments for desktop computers and laptops. But here we are taking about a new smartphone, and energy saving innovations for mobile devices are not the same as those for the devices connected to a socket.

What is the most important part of calculating a smartphone power consumption level? Obviously, a router mode (or a hotspot) when the battery dies within a few hours. In a normal mode the battery can live long enough but when you are sitting in the cafeteria and sharing the network with your friends, a brand new Microsoft smartphone will be able to distinguish the idle intervals when, for example, someone is checking the mail or watching a video, and from the moments of traffic usage when the power consumption increases by several times.

Switching the telephone into sleep-mode too often might be annoying, and not everybody will remember this when there is no traffic-flow. And the poor batteries die trying to support maximum consumption. So the people from Seattle have come up with the idea similar to what is called “sleeping drive” in car industry – when the engine turns off during the stops. It may seem like not a big breakthrough but your wallet will feel the difference. So here the most power-consuming mode is divided into intervals of work and sleep, which significantly prolongs the life of the battery.

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