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Number one designer of Macs and iPhones resigned from Apple

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The era of Danny Coster ended. More precisely, it is over for fans of Apple style, which in the modern world is more like a religion than just a beautiful design. Danny Coster inspired software developers of iconic in the 90s Macs. People still remember, and many of them work with, computers which used to stand on the tables in the most prestigious offices on their thin graceful necks. Danny Coster was the first to take into account the design of desktops and introduced Apple icons, now familiar to everyone, which, along with the design of monitors and the keyboards, transformed Macs into a powerful element of interior for any room.

Back then computers became a crucial part of interior desing for many top businessmen. And a launch of a new model led to pandemonium around the world.

Danny Coster as an author has more than 500 patents and he is mentioned in more than 100 patents. Taking this into account, it is safe to say that he is a world leader in the field of design patents. And now he is gone.

It is clear that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. After the death of Jobs some disturbance occurred on the top level but lately it seemed that stability was coming back… and here it is again!

If Steve Jobs was the main “priest” for the fans, Coster was undoubtedly the main “icon-painter.” Now he works for GoPro. Officially, it happened amicably and in full agreement. Although, if you look closely, you will notice that Danny Coster takes the post of vice president at the new company, becoming one of the key figures in top management. And more precise, the second key figure.

And in Cupertino, he only led the design department and, although he has created one of the most powerful design teams in the world, de facto he was not in the top management, remaining a mid-level executive. Well, well, we will wait for some breakthrough projects from GoPro, which cameras have taken over the world, and probably not the last time.

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