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New patent will surprise online players

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Users can not be surprised by yet another patent for advertising in mobile applications, but there is something unusual in this particular one. It has long been possible to place advertisements using navigation devices in 3D versions, and in two-dimensional space, there are ads in games, search engines, everywhere. But it was big players’ business. A game developer could place logos or information within its content, and then either replace it through updates, or to maintain until the end.

In other words, users, who, for example, played Counter Strike, run on the selected location, somewhere in rebellious Iraq or at the south pole, and at the scenery, i.e. at the virtual streets and squares, there were ads of big brands. It concerned computers, but with mobile devices it was more difficult – they are always on the move. But then the situation changed. In the past year such patents for mobile devices were obtained.

Now local businesses can place information in game applications depending on coordinates of the gadget. And here comes an innovation. Blue Calypso received US patent 9,314,697, in the abstract of which a completely new principle of advertising is described. In general terms, using GPS geolocations and built-in cameras, it is possible for large and local businesses to advertise in sponsored games and social network accounts of gamers. Small businesses can also participate in this big game on an equal footing with the big businesses.

In fact, Blue Calypso products look like a game of tag, where players from the same social network, visiting the exhibition, festival or any other event, may take photos of each other, and a judge or evaluator assigns scores. But the rules are not so important in this case, it matters that taking a photo of a girlfriend on a background of a pavilion or some building, you not only get a beautiful picture, but also coupons and discounts from all the businesses which are visible in the frame. Apparently only those who participated in the sponsorship fee for this game, of course. The trick of this patent is that advertisers pay only when their brand has been spotted, i.e., the more it gets into frames of different participants, who then place these photos on Facebook or Twitter, the more they pay.

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