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Russia plans to open a center for helping in foreign patenting process

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“Rossiyskaya gazeta” has announced a creation of a center which will assist legal entities in obtaining foreign patents. Russian scientists and inventors facing a plenty of difficulties when they register priority applications in the US, European Union and so on. Until today, each enterprise tried to solve these problems on its own but not everybody has a sufficient amount of money to do so. So, Russian Government decided to support the innovations, especially those companies who are attempting to enter foreign markets with their products. The Russian Export Center (REC), which is a subsidiary of the “Vnesheconombank”, is responsible for the creation of this center. It has been created only a year ago, and its activity is regulated by the Federal Law №82 from May 17th, 2007. During this year, the REC was actively functioning, so the opening of the Foreign Patenting Center is expected in a few months. This week it got government subsidies for supporting the legal paperwork in the field of abroad copyrighting. These subsidies should help to obtain more than 1,000 international and 600 national patents. Moreover, the REC has signed a collaborating agreement with Russian corporation “Rosnano”. This agreement has a separate paragraph about intellectual property objects in the field of nanotechnology. In other words, a part of the finances spent on the paperwork for obtaining the patents will be provided by the heads of the above-mentioned corporation – the subordinates of Anatoly Chubais. This, in turn, allows the REC to allocate more funds to other areas of industry and science. Intellectual rights of pharmacological companies will be supported directly from the the government budget.

As Natalia Vasilieva, the Head of the Regional Export Center of Udmurtia, said, opening of such an institute will be a breath of fresh air for small and middle-sized businesses, startups and laboratories. Usually it is they who is trying to make money by exporting new products. And then their products are often copied and replicated by unscrupulous businessmen. Moreover, they also obtain patents on the products and sue Russian entrepreneurs. It should be noted that the government initiative was developed at exact time when the amount of PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications filed by Russian inventors has dramatically decreased. The year 2015 was a year when the sad record was set. Only 951 applications were filed this year. Which is the smallest amount in the last 5 years.

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