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Russia plans to subsidize applications for patents abroad

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Russian inventors may soon find it easier to apply for patent protection around the world, thanks for a proposal by the Moscow government to subsidize their applications. The government has built in a number of safeguards, though, to prevent abuse of the system. Russian companies that want to protect their intellectual property abroad will have to apply for patents in other countries through so-called “operators” – firms that specialize in providing patenting services.

To qualify for a grant from Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, these operators have to meet a long list of requirements. They must

  •    be a Russian legal entity that provides services for the patenting of Russian innovations or designs outside the country;
  •    be up-to-date when it comes to paying all their taxes, duties and other fees owed to the government; have been in business for at least 3 years;
  •    have at least three employees that are intellectual property experts working on “inventions and utility models”, with the company being their main employer for at least the past six    months;
  •    have filed at least 50 foreign patent applications during the past three financial years;
  •    and have applied for at least 100 patents protecting inventions or utility models at Russia’s Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

Subsidies will compensate the costs of:

  •     International fees;
  •     National fees;
  •     Patent maintenance fees (not more than the first 3 years), indicated on the official websites of the Patent Offices of different countries and of the WIPO.

In case of violation the requirements, the operator have to return the money to the Federal budget in 10 days from the date of receiving the request from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The Government hopes that these rules will allow to create the system to support foreign patenting of Russian designs, to increase the number of protected Russian technical solutions in foreign countries and to expand the export of hi-tech goods.

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