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EUIPO Unveils New Tool for IP Analysis

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EU-IP-ToolRecently, the European Commission Trade Directorate and European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) unveiled an intellectual property enforcement tool that endeavors to collect all data relating to IP rights infringement experienced by EU companies into a single database geared at developing a prevention strategies. The Anti-Counterfeiting Rapid Intelligence System is one of several new EU initiatives aimed at countering IPR infringement and counterfeits.

EUIPO’s Observatory and DG trade are the creators of this database, which provides companies in the EU with collection of Intellectual property infringement cases and an overview of risks in third countries. Additionally, this tool provides information on the responses of third country authorities to IP infringement. Companies have the ability to follow infringement cases from the moment proceedings intimate until litigation ceases. The database also includes anonymously posted statistics concerning other companies and cases.

While the primary intent of this new tool is to aid companies in making strategic business decisions in third countries and mitigate risks of infringement, the database also targets EU policymakers tasked with negotiating intellectual property agreements with third countries.

As a free, multilingual service with options to confidentiality, the ACRIS has the potential to help companies make informed investment decisions in countries outside the EU. Although, whether or not this tool will be actively embraced by such companies remains to be seen.

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