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IP Australia Changes Its Fee Payment Structure Down Under

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IP Australia-Fee-ChangesThe “Land Down Under” has introduced a new fee structure for its Intellectual Property business. IP Australia will introduce the new fees in October, for all services relating to trademarks, registered designs, plant breeder rights and patents.

Most changes will be introduced on October 10th, although new fees for international applications and renewals will come into force on the 28th. From the 10th onwards, lower fees will be offered to those filing and obtaining a trademark registration. While there will be an increase in the fee for filing a trademark registration, any fees currently payable after an application has been accepted will be eliminated. This brings Australia’s IP regime in line with most of the world’s other trademark systems. Any fees associated with “Madrid applications” will also be reduced.

    To make up for dropping these fees, IP Australia will also increase its renewal fees for all trademarks by AUS $100 per class. So, any mark owners seeking to take advantage of the current rate should renew their registrations before October.

    In addition, IP Australia eliminated several major fees for services relating to the sale of documents across trademarks, patents and registered designs. Fees for issuing duplicates of extracts, certified copies and certificates of registration have been replaced by two sets of fees for issuing copies of documents from IP Australia’s files, consistent across all IP rights.   

    Fees payable in discreet actions during opposition proceedings have also been reduced – across all trademarks, patents and registered designs implemented via the red-tape reduction efforts of the Commonwealth government. While these changes are set to streamline the fee payment process on the administrative processing side, mark owners should act fast to avoid heftier class fees come fall.

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