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The 2016 WIPO Assemblies Meetings Wrap Up in Geneva

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wipo-assemblies-meetingsThe World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently completed its 2016 Assemblies meetings, held at WIPO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Member states decided to expand the number of overseas offices promoting WIPO services around the globe. The meetings concluded with the approval of new external offices in Nigeria and Algeria. Member states agreed to continue discussions on the opening of four additional offices by the end of 2019.

    The states also reviewed a report from the Chair of the Coordination Committee, WIPO’s governing body in charge of its staff members. The report called for the conclusion of discussions on the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) investigation into allegations against Director General Francis Gurry. Gurry was allegedly involved in order the retrieval and testing of DNA from employees without their notification, and influencing a procurement contract by steering toward a bidder.

    Convening its inaugural session, the Marrakesh Assembly gathered to discuss the “books for the blind” Marrakesh Treaty, which came into effect on September 30th. This treaty facilitates the production and delivery of specially adapted books for those with visual impairments, particularly to lower-income states. The treaty’s membership increased to 25, following the addition of Liberia, Sri Lanka, and Botswana at the meetings.  

    The meetings also included the adoption of a revised internal oversight charter that codifies decision-making processes and clarifies the responsibilities of the Chairs of the Coordination Committee, Independent Advisory Oversight Committee (IAOC), and the General Assembly. Further changes enacted during the meetings include a decision that will lead to the sole application of the 1989 Madrid Protocol as the legal basis for the Madrid system, as well as the adoption of a set of amendments to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) that provides additional flexibility for applicants seeking supplementary internal searches.  

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