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Joint Study Points to IPR Rights as a Benefit for the European Economy

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epo-ipo-joint-studyA study recently conducted by the Intellectual Property Office and (IPO) and European Patent Office (EPO) concluded that IP rights have a positive influence on employment, GDP, wages and trade trends.

The second study of its kind, it looked at the effect of IP rights on the European economy from 2011 to 2013, showing that the contribution of these rights was both greater and faster than between 2008 and 2010, when the inaugural study on IP rights was conducted. According to the joint report, over 25% of the jobs created in the EU have been in “IPR-intensive industries.” An average of 60 million Europeans worked in those industries, while over 22 million jobs were developed in “industries that supply goods and services to the IPR intensive industries. These industries are categorized as those with an “above-average use of IPR per employee, as compared with other IPR-using industries.” This industry activity totals €5.7 trillion, constituting over 42% of the EU’s total economic activity.

In a statement, EPO president Benoît Battistelli noted, “Our second joint report confirms the benefits of patents and other IPRs for the European economy. Intangible assets are increasingly important for innovative companies today, especially for SMEs, but also for research centres and universities. We again see that this has a positive impact on jobs, growth and prosperity. But in order to remain competitive in the global economy, Europe needs to encourage even further the development and use of new technology and innovations.”

This joint study was published as the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) welcomed the views and concerns of various stakeholders on prospective EU copyright reforms. This September, the European Commission developed a roadmap to update EU copyright laws. These involve changes to ease data mining by researchers and new rules providing publishers with rights to control the online dissemination of their work.

Interested businesses should submit comments on the plans to the IPO via until 6 December.

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