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WIPO Announces New Open Access Policy

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cc-WIPO-open-access-policyIn a press release this week, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) publicized its new Open Access policy, geared at promoting the widest possible public access to its publications. WIPO contains massive numbers of publications on international intellectual property, including reports, guides, studies, and other resources. This policy intends to “facilitate access for policy-makers, researchers, practitioners and anyone else seeking to use and build upon these resources.”

    In the words of Director General Francis Gurry, “WIPO’s publications are unique collections of valuable information…our Open Access policy formalizes our efforts to ensure that this wealth of knowledge is ever-more readily available for use by everyone.”

    The enactment of this policy will involve the use of the 2013 Creative Commons Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO) licenses. These licenses are model agreements and copyright instruments that streamline access to and use of creative content. Going forward, new WIPO publications and select existing publications will be licensed under the CC-BY 3.0 IGO license or another license I the Creative Commons IGO suite. Publications under these Creative Commons licenses will be searchable and identifiable on WIPO’s website.

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