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Patent Act: Who is happy in USA?

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New Patent Act soon might be approved in US Congress. The reactions to a new law in the field of intellectual property rights are very different. If the large and the middle-sized companies see obvious advantages for themselves, small companies and individual inventors may have difficulties. The suggested Act in its current form obviously will complicate the judicial process related to the priority of patent applications. The delayed court hearings may be beneficial for the big players, resources of which are incomparable to the ones of the individual inventors. This might force the individual inventors to sell their inventions for nothing to IP-business sharks and big corporations. The press has already published a huge amounts of negative comments to this initiative. The promises of president Obama to reform the Law in order to fight with patent trolls will be practically nullified by the suggested Act – the Senate’s PATENT Act (S. 1137) и the House’s Innovation Act (H.R. 9)

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