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Samsung is playing game of tag – smart contact lenses

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Contact_LensUntil recently only Google dared to do research in the field of contact lenses, but now Google has a rival. And it is not some small start-up, it is one of the famous tech giants, Samsung. South Korean patent office has issued a package of priority documents for the technology of contact lenses, equipped with a camera, a number of sensors, an antenna and an interface with a display, which can display additional images. According to SamMobile, Samsung has already tested a number of prototypes, and people have had the most positive experience.

Why do we need “smart” lenses? It turns out, glasses with similar equipment may not give a full picture of reality because the distance between the eyeground, where the image is focused, and the glasses is much more than the distance between the eyeground and the surface of the pupil. And this particular parameter is responsible for the fullness of reality. In other words, the additional display (and the camera too) placed directly on the pupil allows you to get a clear picture without haziness and perspective distortions appearing in the “smart” glasses.

Now cunning spies, such as Anna Chapman, or seasoned detectives like Duane Chapman (they are not a married couple, they are two very different people), do not have to hide a camera in their hair, or make phone calls to obtain any data. From now on, you only need to blink (you control “smart” lenses exactly this way), and all you need will be displayed directly in the pupil on the eyeground.

Common parts can be seen in the corresponding abstracts of the Samsung and Google patents, but, despite these parts, there are two different technologies, and it will be interesting to see these different products entering the market.

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