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Annual Special 301 Report has been published

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This week another special report from United States Trade Representative has been finally published. All the news about this were, as usual, expected and predictable. Again, Americans from International Intellectual Property Alliance have included Russia and China in the list of countries that violate copyrights. These are two flagships markets of which are full of counterfeit products, and this situation have not changed in years. Though, this time Trade Representative has made a special remark about the two leaders of pirated products. In both Russia and China the greatest harm to American producers and other art workers was caused not by manufacturers of counterfeit but by the Internet giants of these countries. These are so called social networks. In Russia it is a world famous company created by Pavel Durov who, by the way, does not control it anymore. “Vkontakte” is one of the largest distributors of free music, movies and books.

China has its own analogue, so called Chinese facebook, as known as QZone, which has already surpassed its Russian counterpart and has taken the first place in the number of downloads. Most of them are Western mass culture products, including music albums, movies, comics and books.

Another change in the report was that India has taken the “honorable” third place in this list. It was actually in “Priority Watch List” of the special report for a long time, but all the previous years it was in the bottom of the criminal list. This year, due a sharp increasing in Indian pharmaceutical counterfeiting, India is considered a violator of intellectual property by the administration of U.S. President and by WTO.

Other countries in the list are: Algeria, Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, Kuwait, Thailand, Ukraine и Venezuela. Since this year the “Priority Watch List” had been slightly changed – Ecuador and Pakistan were excluded – it started to remind a soccer team. Now it has 11 members in it. Although, you can hardly call this a honorary membership.

The administration of U.S. President has already published the warning for Hollywood producers, music bands and authors telling them to be very careful when distributing their products to domestic markets of these countries. There was also an addressing to the governments and heads of counterfeit producing states with an earnest request not to support pirates and to fight them.

“It is more important than ever to prevent foreign governments and competitors from ripping off United States innovators,” U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said.

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